Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tune in this Sunday, Oct. 5

I'll be hosting the Yiddish Hour again this Sunday at 10 a.m. on KBOO and playing a terrific story. It's a retelling of Peter and the Wolf, called Pincus and the Pig, written and narrated by Maurice Sendak. Any of you with kids over five will enjoy this one, and adults will like it as well.

Also, if you know anyone outside the Portland area who would enjoy the show, please encourage them to listen for free online at As I mentioned earlier, for reasons of copyright we cannot podcast the show. 

I've heard from a few folks who are diehard listeners to This American Life that it's a conflict for them because TAL and the Yiddish Hour are on at the same time here. There is a solution: you can download TAL as a free podcast and listen to it whenever you like. If that doesn't work for you, TAL is rebroadcast locally on Wednesdays at 8pm. 

So please tune in this Sunday and enjoy the longest continuously running Yiddish radio program west of the Mississippi.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great show! Where can one find Pinhas and the Pig? ~Itai

Liz said...

Pincus and the Pig (note the Yiddish spelling of Pincus) is listed on Amazon; they have several used copies for $5.92 (at least they did this morning).

I first heard this on NPR a few years ago and bought it at Music Millennium, but for good cheap copies your best bet is Amazon.

Glad you enjoyed it. BTW, did you check out my post about Lang Lang? They wouldn't let me bring you to it, which I was bummed about, but I'm glad I got to go.

Cindy said...

It was so neat to hear you and Ed on the radio yesterday! I didn't get to hear most of _Pinhas and the Pig_, but the kids and I loved hearing your beautiful clear voice talking about the story and making announcements! I was surprised to hear you announce Sunday night Israeli folkdancing. Do you ever announce Tuesday night dancing? That's where I go most of the time.

Liz said...

Haven't announced Tuesday night dancing yet; I get my community announcements from the Review, the Federation community email and various other sources. I'll try to remember to announce the Tuesday night session next time I host.

Glad you got to catch a little bit of the show. Keep tuning in!

Shana tovah-