Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A year ago today we doubled the size of our family when Yofi and Addie moved in with us. Here's what they looked like back then:

Yofi in the sink:

Addie on our couch and chair:

We fell in love with them the moment we saw them at the Humane Society. I've always been a cat person, so for me this isn't surprising, but Sweetie is another story. An avowed dog person, although she has lived with cats in the past, Sweetie refused to admit she was smitten. I would taunt her with cries of "Cat person!" and she'd snarl back "Shuddup!" even while she was murmuring sweet endearing nothings at the girls while she was curled up with them on the bed or couch.

Until one day, a bit sheepishly, she said in a tiny voice, "Okay, I'm a cat person."


Yofi is a snuggler. She loves burrowing under the covers and curling up next to or on anything warm (us especially, and Addie too).

Addie is a bit more aloof about personal space, but is very much a flirt. She loves to rub up against people and hang out, just not on our laps. She's also very vocal and responds to any sounds we make, particularly singing.

Over the past year Yofi has been helping me look for work and write my notes for the symphony.

Addie is less interested.
They are a daily source of joy and we look forward to many more cativersaries together.


Anonymous said...

Dear Aunts -- I hope your cats are good and that you are all feeling good and getting ready for Halloween.

Love, Lily

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Dear Lily-

thanks for the good wishes. we and the kitties are well. What are you dressing up as for Hallowe'en?


Aunt Liz