Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sweetie took these pictures last week and I meant to post them several days ago; spring changes happen so quickly these may soon be out of date. This first one was a pleasant surprise; this tulip used to be a solitary flower, but over the winter it split and now there are two. I'm pretty ignorant about bulbs (we inherited all our bulbs when we bought the house), so this was news to me.

Here's one of our rhododendrons. They usually bloom in sequence: first the white, then this magenta one, then the two purples. I guess the long hard winter delayed the white one, and the magenta doesn't usually bloom til Mother's Day.

Our lilac is just now bursting into bloom outside our bedroom window. If it weren't for our seasonal allergies to tree pollen, Sweetie and I would revel wholeheartedly in all this beauty. As it is, we revel as best we can, through our allergy-reddened eyes and in between sneezes. More pics soon.

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